In LSC...


....we are a group of flying enthusiasts, who have fulfilled or will fulfil manís age-old dream of flying..

Because of our membership structure we are able to ensure that flying is no more expensive than other hobbies and sports.  Our members come from all walks of life;  Schoolchildren, Students, trainees as well as men and women from a wide variety of professions.

We offer several interesting flying variants in LSC:
Model Flight, Gliding, Gliding aerobatics, Motor gliding, ultralight and for those that are active in one of the mentioned groups, powered flight.


In LSC we take the general club work and chores seriously, it is only through the commitment of all our members, that we can keep the Airfield clean and maintained, the Hangers and Clubhouse in an orderly and operational condition.  A special mention should be made about the commitment of the committee members, flight instructors, chief instructor, maintenance crew and last but no means least the members, who carry out their duties in the club house.  The LSC is not a business, where some of the people work and others just reap the benefits. 

Our Motto:  Everyone helps out, and then flying is cheaper for everyone

In LSC communal interests and activities take precedent over individual wishes>>

In order to promote this idea, we put great store in an active club life, that doesnít just end when the flying does.  Whoever can identify with these ideals should read further.

Trial flights:  a way to get to know us!  Trial flights take place during the Flying camps during Easter and in the summer.  Anyone with an interest in flying is more than welcome to take part, without immediately having to become a member. Only the flying costs must be paid.  In this way it is possible to get to know better the hobby, the club and life at the club.  If interested please sign up as soon a possible.

Flying camps are organised by the LSCís youth section, and always take place in the last Easter holiday week and also in the last two summer holiday weeks.

How should you make contact with us?  The best way is to simply drop by one weekend and let yourself get a flavour of the wonder of flight, maybe even take a guest flight.  It is also a good opportunity to speak to a committee member or flight instructor.

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